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by TheTrevLife on Jul 10, 2014 at 09:23 PM

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by TheTrevLife on Jul 09, 2014 at 10:11 PM
I'd like to congratulate all of those who have completed attunement and have been raiding the past two days. I would also like to thank those who are struggling and persevering through silver dungeons to get their attunement completed to join us.

We have been attempting to run people through SSM when we have free time, but even for us, it can be frustrating and difficult when we make stupid mistakes and play sloppy. Errc has been through SSM now more times than anyone should ever have to go through it, and Envy, SmurfyGG, Destor, choppable, Shnuffums, Vistrix, Soulkeeperx, and myself seem to be the only ones ever running this dungeon to help others. (If I missed your name, I'm sorry). That being said, my main point:

Progression Time is Mo/Tu/Th from 7:30PST - 10:30PST. If you are not in the raid group, that means you are attempting silver dungeons during this time, or organizing something to help yourself progress through content. Whether this means spamming guild chat for 3-4 people and picking up a PUG, or waving your arms in the air to attract sexy chua to help you on your way, you must at least attempt to get attuned. Waiting around is NOT an option.

You have to struggle through these dungeons, because we are going to struggle through the raids. Even when we kill a boss a couple times, that doesn't mean we are going to one-shot it every week. You have to get frustrated and learn to control it. Learn to communicate, form groups, form friendships, etc. We will still try to get people through SSM by substitution, but the people we see consistently running and struggling will get picked up first. No more excuses. If you can't do the dungeons, then we have no idea if you're ready to raid.

We look forward to having you guys in our raid groups. We want you guys in our raid groups. We really do.
by Envy on Jul 05, 2014 at 12:50 AM
The following players must log on tommorow for speed attunement:

Please note that if your name isn't above or below on the roster, it doesn't mean this is all final. These are the people we have talked to and have shown interest in running by Monday. I know we have some other groups that are still in the attunement process. If you need us to help your group please talk to one of the officers before we start running.

We will be bringing most in for the last boss of each instance so make sure you know how to kill him and not hinder the group.

For Monday/Tuesdays Raid here is the list of people who we know are attempting to make it to the raid:
plinky - Spellslinger - DPS
johnnyrage - Warrior - DPS
Shadowzor - Esper - DPS
rockonz - Stalker - DPS
sophita - Engineer - DPS - Possible Tank
rabid - Esper - Heals
Zim - Spellslinger- DPS
zah - Spellslinger - Heals
Envy - Stalker - DPS
Destor - Warrior - DPS
Vistrix - Medic - Heals
Choppable - Warrior - DPS
Smurfygg - Warrior - DPS
Shnuffums - Medic - Heals/DPS
Errc - Stalker - Tank
Becuz - Stalker - DPS
Bokehbot - Engineer - DPS
Soulkeeperx - Engineer - DPS - Possible tank
Umadlol - Warrior - DPS
Thetrevlife - Spellslinger - DPS

All of the following players MUST read the Genetic Archives notes posted on the forums (thanks Errc). This is not optional and you will be sat if you don't read them. This sounds strict but we want to have solid instruction for you to follow to be successful our first few nights. You must also complete the World boss step the remaining time you have Saturday and Sunday and get what gear you can for Monday and Tuesday. Food and Boosts should be purchased until we have the materials to provide them to the raid (will be a while).

For the future we will be attuning the other players in the guild, roster changes will be frequent and optimizations will be made to both groups. Do not worry if your not on this roster list or if you are not attuned tomorrow. We haven't forgotten about you we just want to speed this process up to get more people in GA and start making our name on our server. Thanks for reading!
by Envy on Jun 29, 2014 at 08:56 PM
This is a simple task and will have simple consequences. There being only an exception if we need more people our first night due to lack of attuned. A formal roster will be posted once the group can be optimized but from what I've gathered off the thread right now we have enough for our first raid if everyone attune's in a timely manner!

Looking ahead we will be setting up TWO raid groups. These raid groups will have strict policies YOU MUST OBEY. Such as attendance, skill, and obviously attunement. When we do split off into two groups both will have to be successful or the roster will be redone and cuts will be made. As raiders you must expect this from a raiding guild and knew that when you applied so none of this should be shocking or new to you. Continuing on, when we make these groups there will be players that want to play with each other and that is fine we can (to a certain extent) plan that ahead and you WILL be with your friends. We will be running a couple utility classes in raid and our first night raiding will by far be nothing close to the finalized/optimized list you will see when we start hard progression with two groups.

Also would like to note if for some reason we start raiding and are overstock our first night DO NOT WORRY, we will be making a 2nd raid group. On that same note if your listed as something you do not want to play DO NOT WORRY as long as you are skilled enough to hold that spot you will play what you want in the other raid group. I think this about wraps it up sorry for the extensive post, but as we are nearing GA I want everyone to have a little bit of knowledge about how things will be playing out. Thanks for reading!
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